Monster Train Is A New Roguelike Deck-Building

Monster Train Is A New Roguelike Deck-Building

In Monster, Train Hell literally froze. It is up to you to protect the last pyre from the forces of heaven so that you can make sure that hell shines again.

What makes this title extremely interesting is the train itself built in the middle of the playing field and offering three vertical battlefields that must be defended at all times. This Monster Train could be the determining factor that separates this title from so many other roguelike bridge builders on the market. Monster Train Is A New Roguelike Deck-Building Game That Has Just Entered Its Closed Beta, Interested Players Can Register On Their Main Website For Access Until March 19

There are five clans in the game who combine to fight for hell. Tough enemies present unique challenges for you to customize your deck, and each clan offers a unique route on how to protect Hell. No game will be the same with more than 200 cards to select from this title.

Monster Train has a unique time-based online multiplayer mode they have dubbed “Hell Rush”. The game mode allows up to eight players to compete in time challenges. The timer is under intense pressure as players face different challenges for a single challenge.

The two developers working on this title have a reputation in the multiplayer game world for creating unique gaming experiences. Good Shepherd Entertainment has the privilege of being supported by some of the most notable names in the gaming industry, such as Perfec
Monster Train will be released on PC in the second quarter of 2020. They have already launched their closed beta version, but interested players are free to register on the game’s website until March 19. It is not known how much this game will be available, but at least there is a live Steam page for fans to add this title to their wish list.