Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Another Delicious

Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Another Delicious

Rasheeda Frost and her husband Kirk Frost couldn’t be more proud of their restaurant, the Frost Bistro. They worked very hard to realize this dream and last year, they finally made it.

The two advertised the room on their social media accounts, and most of the fans who visited the place were really pleased with the services and the food and drinks.

Discover the latest article from Rasheeda presenting a delicious meal from Frost Bistro:

‘So tonight, I’m going to have the Special Chef of seafood pasta and you know it’s nothing more than this @frostbistro yes, it’s garnished with lobster and shrimp !! 🤗🤗 open until 1 a.m., ” Rasheeda said in caption of her message she shared over the weekend. Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Another Delicious Meal From The Frost Bistro – See Her Video

Someone exclaimed, “Wow, that looks delicious! I come to atl just for that 😩 ‘and another follower posted this:’ Your food looks like a bomb like hell🔥🔥 Congratulations to you and my husband … lit🔥🔥 ‘

Another follower asked, “Will you be there tomorrow?” We’re from Montreal, Canada, ” and someone else said, “ This plate looks good, but you look a lot brighter than that. ”

One commenter wrote: “ I’m coming from Chicago on Sunday, hope to see you !!! I love your swag fr fr the best !!!! ”

Another follower said that it “ seems so delicious that I could eat there, what about @joselynv_r, imagine us eating at @rasheeda bistro which would be a dream @rasheeda that we love you from the first day ”

Another follower sprang up on the food and said, ‘You see, I’m about to get out of bed and come and get it !!!! It looks really good.